Optimise land nutritive value

Brazseed introduces a range of unique seed varieties that will bring about a total revolution in grazing and land use in South Africa. Be sure not to miss out on this excellent opportunity to farm effectively on the land you have and not having to buy additional land in order to expand and grow!

As the sole supplier of a range of seed varieties that’s been in development for the past 40 years and has its origins in Africa, Brazseed enters the market with three uniquely developed varieties tested and proven in soil conditions in South Africa and Africa.

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Thriving to establish South Africa as a dominant  red meat supplier worldwide

BrazSeed is the proud sole supplier of seed products in Africa from the Brazilian based company Facholi Group, who since the early 1970’s brought tremendous change to Brazil’s agricultural industry to the point where today Brazil owns a massive 25% of the world market share in red meat supply. The prospect is that in about 40 years from now Brazil will have increased its market share to a staggering 60% of the world supply! With Africa and especially South Arica having similar soil and economic conditions – every local farmer can simulate such success to in future own part of this tremendous market share.

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