Focus on social development and accurate training

Testing and analysis at industry leading facilities

Brazseed realized the Facholi success story and has been engaged in constant development processes already since 2009 with the Brazilian company in testing the seed varieties ideally suited for local use and elsewhere in Africa.

This process has enable the BrazSeed team to empower themselves with the necessary knowledge of local conditions. Where our local team needs extra guidance or specialized information, they have direct access to the advanced technology being utilized in the Facholi Group, which has some of the top laboratories in the industry.

The laboratorial structure makes use of equipment analyzing elements such as physical purity, growth and development, moisture requirements, identifying harmful elements and treating dormancy.

Focus on social development

Brazseed also share the Brazilian company’s tremendous focus on social development and accurate training of its personnel and clients.

The agricultural industry and all farmers in South Africa and worldwide, form the heart of any country and its people.

Brazseed realizes that the community’s active involvement and education will contribute towards uplifting the country’s social development, thereby maximizing industry growth – this being a huge parallel in the Brazilian group of companies.

From this realization, Brazseed intents to work closely with the Facholi Group and gain from their 40 years of experience to establish model farms in the major agricultural regions of the country where Brazseed will set itself out to enable the community and its farmers.