Pasture management after planting

Cut and bale

  • The grass may be cut at a height of 80cm
  • The grass should not be cut at less than 30cm
  • Last cut before winter should be done during April

Direct Pasture

  • Grazing camps should be erected to manage your pasture
  • Animals can be put to pasture within 80 days of grass height of 60cm
  • Do not graze grass that’s less than 30cm

In order to utilize maximum pasture, 40kg nitrogen en10kg potassium per hectare should be administered after removal of animals from camp or after each cut. This will ensure your ground is sufficiently fed and the pasture is at its best for potential of growth. It was found that grazing camps 15 years and older without its carrying capacity was affected. The same quantities are recommended if you bale after each cut.